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Start the day the right way… 

There are many breakfast ingredients that help you start your day the healthy way. Pack in those nutrients and keep hunger at bay with brilliant breakfast breads, butters and beans… 


Baked beans – source of soluble fibre and protein.   

Cinnamon – an aromatic spice that is great for stimulating blood sugar levels and has a high count of antioxidants.   

Eggs – a great source of protein to keep us feeling fuller for longer.   

Fruit – nutritional source of fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for general health.   

Milk or yogurt – source of protein and calcium, great for muscle repair, and bone and teeth health.  

Oats – release energy slowly (low GI) and a source of soluble fibre which is great for the cholesterol profile.   

Oily fish – contains omega 3 for heart health.   

Peanut Butter – source of healthy fats for heart health and skin.   

Seeds and nuts – source of healthy fats for heart health and skin.   

Wholegrain bread and cereals – release energy slowly (low GI) and fibre rich, which can decrease the risk of bowel cancer.   

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