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Condiments are an essential part to any burger bar. Whether it’s sauces, chutneys, pickles or savoury jams, a hit of heat or a little sweetness, a finishing touch is all you need. Patnick’s Preserves choose their go-to condiments… 

Burger patnicks

Add a little heat: 

Whether it’s a beef, chicken or even a halloumi burger, a chilli jam offers great heat to the occasion. Find a jam that pairs both chilli with red pepper or even rhubarb like we do here at Patnick’s. This adds a little sweetness that compliments the heat perfectly. This is also great with melted cheese, preferably a strong Cheddar or smoked option.  

In need of a little sweetness: 

A fruit-based chutney is great for cutting through the richness of a meaty burger and adding some much-needed sweetness. You can’t go wrong with the classic combination of mango chutney topping a chicken tikka burger or an apple chutney perfectly finishing off a pulled pork bun. Fruit is fantastic with a really savoury, meaty burger. 

A refreshing choice: 

Most commonly found on the cheese board, red onion relish, piccalilli and green bean chutney are all surprisingly good choices to top a burger. Great for adding a little bite, these refreshing relishes are great on veggie burgers too; think grilled portobello mushrooms with melted blue cheese. For something even more zingy, try a little lime pickle atop a burger, spiked with aromatic curry spices.   

Keeping it classic: 

Sometimes classic is best and for those moments mustard is a great way to finish a burger. A mild or wholegrain mustard always works well with a steak burger that is rich in flavour. For those a little apprehensive of the intensity of mustard, try mixing with a little mayonnaise to make it more mellow (but not too much as it needs to retain its bite).

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