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How do you like your eggs in the morning? 

When looking for eggy inspiration, The Traditional Free Range Egg Company know how they like their eggs in the morning. From poached to fried, scrambled to boiled, there is no better way to start the day…

egg omelette

“Celebrated as one of the most nutritious foods for all ages, free-range eggs are the ultimate breakfast staple, earning them a firm place at the kitchen table. Whether it’s hen, duck, goose or quail eggs on the menu, free-range eggs lend themselves to a whole host of breakfast and brunch concoctions. From the traditional English fry-up and eggs benedict to the adventurous huevos rancheros and shakshuka. As well as being filling, nutritious and delicious, eggs have a great way of bringing vibrancy and sunshine to the plate, which can be a somewhat rarer treat throughout the colder winter months. 

Packed with vital nutrients, including protein, vitamin D, selenium and vitamin B12, free-range hens’ eggs are essential to a balanced diet. Since October 2017, the Food Standards Agency announced that raw and runny hens’ eggs with the British lion stamp on are safe to eat for all, meaning that everyone can now enjoy a good old-fashioned dippy egg and soldiers in the morning.  

The rich and alluring beach ball-like yolk of a duck egg makes them perfect for poaching, baking and frying, with the beautiful golden yolk cascading out over toast. Duck eggs also whip up really well, making them the ideal base for scrambled eggs, pancakes and cakes.  

With a much bigger yolk to white ratio, goose eggs are the best option for that supersized boiled egg. Comparable to three medium hens’ eggs, goose eggs are rich and creamy, and require much bigger soldiers.”

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