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Brilliant Burger Toppers

No burger is complete without lashings of sauce to dip your chips, or relish to revitalise your burger bun. Here is what Fussels Fine Foods is topping their patties to create a blinding burger… 

burger fussels  

Fish burger: a little lighter than most burgers, fish burgers are best served with something a little refreshing. Whether that’s a tzatziki with fresh herbs and cucumber, or a zingy lemon mayo; something that enhances the subtle flavour of fish is best. We like putting mint in our mayo here at Fussels and it is always a favourite when the fish burgers hit the grill. 

Chicken burger: Chicken is a great flavour carrier and cooked on the grill carries great smoky flavours. Chicken burgers often call for a little spice in the form of a chilli sauce or chutney. Alternatively, a fruity mango salsa packed full of chilli flakes and coriander will give a somewhat plain burger a little zing. 

Game burger: Game can often be rich so a sauce that can cut through the decadency is ideal. Our beer and horseradish sauce can stand up to a venison or even a juicy beef burger making for the perfect burger sauce. A sweet tomato relish also goes well with a gamey burger, made a little tart with the addition of a dash of Worcestershire sauce. 

Veggie burger: Whether your veggie burgers are made from portobello mushrooms, chickpeas or even lentils, they are shouting out for some strong flavours. Blue cheese sauce or even just melted crumbled stilton is particularly tasty on beetroot or mushroom burgers.

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