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The Big Breakfast: Perfect Porridge

Start 2018 the right way and wake up to a wholesome and filling breakfast that will set you up for the day.


Whether you love a comforting bowl of steaming porridge, a quick bowl of fruit and yoghurt, or savoury scrambled eggs we have a selection of our favourite brekkies sure to fuel you ready to embrace the new year.

However, porridge is one of our favourite nutritional meal to wake up to – here are FOODLOVER’s top tips to perfect porridge: 

  • Use the best oats you can find – either rolled or jumbo oats are best. They take longer to cook, but they are worth the effort. Rolled oats are traditionally oat groats that have been de-husked and rolled flat. These oats will make you feel fuller for longer as your body slowly digests the flakes.  
  • Add a pinch of good quality salt – adding salt, even in a sweet porridge adds depth of flavour and enhances the sweetness of the other ingredients. 
  • Cook low and slow – rolled or jumbo oats will take longer to cook, but you want the oats to break down to create a creamy consistency. Pop your pan over a low heat and stir continuously throughout cooking. It should take around 15 minutes. 
  • 50:50 milk:water ratio – whether you make your porridge with water or milk is a personal preference, but the split combination of water and milk creates a creamy consistency without the oats becoming too claggy. This also works great with nut milks if dairy is not your thing.  

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