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Are you aware of all the food regulations? 

DID YOU KNOW….The regulations, set out by The Food Standards Agency, are not limited to mainstream ‘food business operators’ they include anyone who supplies food, including individuals who supply charitable and similar events as well as anyone working from home on a small scale. Any food business, large or small, could profit from a solicitor’s advice about these regulations and how you are bound by them, what you can do to stay within them or how to change your setup to ensure that you are not in breach of them. Some of these regulations include: 

  • Labelling, advertising and presentationof food – must not mislead consumers. 
  • Identification of the supply chain – must beclear from beginning to end. 
  • Enforcement and Penalties – The FoodStandards Agency enforces strict food laws and penalties in the UK, even if the offence is unintentional. 

Seeking professional advice can help prevent and reduce the risk of things going wrong. For example, we assist with the compilation of a risk assessment procedure and documentation as required by HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). This is a preventative approach to food safety in production process, to reduce risks to a safe level and help you stay protected. 

As well as advice on regulations, we at AMD Solicitors can offer advice on all aspects of your business, be it premises, franchising or securing your intellectual property. We can also offer advice on business continuity and all aspects of your personal and business life. 

Liz Highams – Regulatory Solicitor 

Advice Making a Difference 

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