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Say hello to Dorset’s first Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

One of the first of its kind in the UK

Conker cold brew

No visit to Dorset is complete without a generous measure of Conker Gin – the county’s much-loved Dorset Dry. Born and bred in Southbourne, Conker Spirit is Dorset’s very first gin distillery, who’s Dorset Dry epitomises the taste of the South Coast – from its craggy clifftops and salty shores to its wildlife-rich woodlands.

But it’s their latest product seems to have cause a bit of a stir… a deliberate curveball away from aged, navy strength or flavoured gins, Conker now bring us an honest cold brewed coffee liqueur that lets the Dorset-roast speciality coffee do the talking, without the need for the usual additives and flavourings.

‘’We came to realise that we couldn’t find a single so-called ‘coffee liqueur’ that even closely resembled the true dark and rich complexities of the espresso. So we set out to make one’’ says founder and ‘Head Conkerer’ Rupert.

It sounded a simple enough idea. How wrong they were…

It turns out that to capture the true taste of freshly roasted coffee in a liqueur, you’ve got to master a complex balancing act of roasting, blending and brewing that takes no prisoners.

‘’One wrong move, one shortcut, and the taste is compromised’’ says Rupert.

After a year of tweaking and sipping their way through 96 recipes, Conker have discovered some subtle tricks and a blend that surpassed all our expectations – a complex, dark and fruity brew that celebrates the espresso and owns the glass.

Working with Beanpress Coffee Co., Conker selected the very best speciality Brazilian and Ethiopian coffees, which are brewed cold so as extract any of the acidic, bitter elements of the bean. With natural vanillas and caramels, just a touch of demerara sugar is needed to complete the alchemy – no flavourings, no additives, no nasty thickeners – just four simple ingredients and one ridiculously precise process.



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