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Celebrating Bacon with Brian Etherington Meat Co.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner, bacon’s always a winner…   


Around since the Roman times, bacon has long been a staple in British cuisine thanks to its versatility and impressive way of imparting intense flavour in many dishes. Bacon has been into space, has its own special day in the foodie calendar and has even been named as one of Britain’s 50 greatest national treasures.  

This month saw National Bacon Day so we spoke to Cornish Butchers, Brian Etherington Meat Co. as to why us Brits love this cut so much…


“Breakfast, has to be a bacon sandwich – soft buttery bread filled with crispy bacon and lashings of red sauce (or brown if you opt for smoked bacon). Cook the bacon in a little bit of butter in a frying pan until the edges are crispy for the perfect sarnie.   

With lots of people becoming fans of the whole salty-sweet thing, pancakes with maple syrup and bacon is a great weekend treat. If you want to really indulge, double your maple syrup intake by making candied bacon. Simply drench the rashers in a mixture of brown sugar and syrup and bake in the oven until crispy.”   


“At lunchtime, you’ll find bacon in dishes such as soups or salads. One of our favourite midday dishes at the buchery is Quiche Lorraine; it’s great hot or cold. Whisk in a generous dollop of Cornish clotted cream with the milk to create a rich sumptuous filling.  

Adding crispy bacon pieces to a classic, such as mint and pea soup, gives a salty kick whilst adding great texture too – mop up with crusty bread.”  


“Chicken stuffed with cheese and wrapped in streaky bacon is a great dinner time recipe – use mozzarella as the filling and add a little pesto too.   

Bacon’s also great with delicate flavours, such as white fish and scallops. Pan-fried scallops with smoked streaky bacon and black pudding is delicious. Although it may seem like an odd combination, this pairing has become a British classic – simple and easy to execute, it’s a great recipe for dinner parties.”   

Even pudding…  

“Bacon is featuring in more and more puddings – just like salted caramel, it’s a winning combination. As well as our maple bacon cake, we recommend adding bacon to brownies, ice cream, cookies and even popcorn – because after all, everything is better with bacon.”

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